News from DaxLueg


Dax Lueg on Heuberg was first mentioned in 1350 as “Dachslueg” or “Dachs Lueg”. The name Lueg supposedly still means caves. But the name could also be derived from the dialect verb “lugen” (to spy, observe): The name derivation could then come from “Dachluger”. The Dax Lueg individual farm has always been the highest farm in the Hallwang municipal area. From this place you could perhaps have a good view of the surrounding area. It is also rarely said that the name could be translated as: "The badger peeking out of hiding".




IIn 1565, the Dax Lueg estate was purchased by the St. Peter Abbey under Abbot Benedikt Obergasser or acquired in exchange from the archbishop's land register. A certain Hans Poschinger was “Maier” there at that time, i.e. the manager of the estate.

In 1624, the St. Petrian property Dax Lueg was enlarged by purchasing a piece of forest. The house was completely rebuilt in 1669, and the next major renovation took place in 1928. At the Rupertusalm, at the Taxluegg farm (the names and spellings around 1900), day trippers were provided with simple food as early as 1900. Just a few years later, Matthias Freundlinger set up a real inn. In 1926 the farm disappeared and a new restaurant and guesthouse was built under the tenants Anna and Ferdinand Steinhuber.

A fire raged at Dax Lueg in 1959, completely incinerating the house. The house was then rebuilt in its current form.

The brothers Andreas and Kurt Schuber have been the tenants of the inn since January 2013.